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Geologische Softwaresysteme GmbH

INSIGHT Geologische Softwaresysteme GmbH was founded in Cologne, Germany, in 1983. Since then, we have developed desktop software for the graphical representation and analysis of subsurface data.
The first product line was AREAbas (1984-1995), a DOS-based software program that covered logging, gridding and contouring on an interactive graphic screen. Then, between 1995 and 2001, we developed GeoObject (based on ArcView 3.x), changing our focus towards a GIS. With our GeoObject software, we integrated the AREAbas functionality into a GIS. In parallel, we developed  methods to create geological subsurface models on the basis of networked cross-sections and integrated them into GeoObject. At the time, when ESRI had almost stopped ArcView 3.x, and we had gained experience in creating subsurface models on the basis of sections, we started to develop GSI3D® between 2001 and 2004, the meaning of the letters being “Geological Surveying and Investigation in 3D". This software system integrates the AREAbas functionality for site investigation as well as the modeling functionality of GeoObject.
The user interface and data structure have been completely redesigned, using JAVA and XML as the development platform. Intensive contact to geological surveys has strongly influenced the further development of GSI3D, so the software has been adjusted more and more to the demands and requirements of geological surveys.
From 2010 up to the present, building on the experience we gained with the software programs described above and using GSI3D as a basis, the SubsurfaceViewer® program has been developed. SubsurfaceViewer is conceived as a GIS for geologists, with specific functions for the purpose of displaying site investigation information and geological subsurface models on the screen. Data structures of GSI3D have been extended by Grid-based layer- and VOXEL-models, 3D-graphic functionality has been completely newly implemented, a new data format for publishing has been developed, etc.
Since 2013, we have been integrating the GSI3D modeling technology into our SubsurfaceViewer product, where it is now available within SubsurfaceViewer MX.
With SubsurfaceViewer, digital subsurface data and models are accessible by a wide range of users. With SubsurfaceViewer XL it is now possible to create and analyse subsurface structure models, even if they were interpolated by other applications. With the Modeling Extension, structure models can be build from scratch.
The 3D-subsurface models may now be published on the internet - this way, they are available to every interested party and they can be further discussed, modified and updated. Never before have geologists been this free to access any date representation any time, on the fly, just when they need them in order to underline their expert views.
With the SubsurfaceViewer software, INSIGHT is proud to be able to offer a high quality system that allows for a most effective use of geological subsurface information. Follow the links in the link list of this site to have a look at the projects of some international users to see examples of what is possible to do with it!
We have been offering research licences to universities for non commercial usage in order to support geological research as well as the systematic further development of our software.
INSIGHT’s software is required: in water management, in environmental, engineering and urban geology, in regional planning, universities and in geological surveying. It is easy to use, up to date, affordable and future-proof. 


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